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Merchant Service Provider Explained: A Guide for Businesses

Merchant service provider helps businesses and organizations with the ability to take and process credit/debit card payments. These Payments can be made using a payment terminal, online through a payment portal, or via phone. In addition, merchant service provider helps business owners to integrate their payment options with their other business tools. This includes accounting software, CRMs, Inventory tracking systems, and sometimes even email marketing tools. This integration enables the business’ efficacy for day-to-day operations.

When payments are processed, payment details are transferred via a secure payment network where card details and availability of funds are confirmed. After that, funds are then paid out to the business or organization. Now, let’s dive in to the details of how a merchant service provider can help you.

Southwest Merchant Services as your Merchant Service Provider

Debit and credit are among the most popular forms of payment. Thus, selecting the right merchant services provider is crucial for your business. Here’s a list that you should take into consideration in choosing your merchant services provider

  1. Fees Charged
  2. Contract
  3. Initial Setup and Technical support offered
  4. Tenure

We are very transparent with all the fees that you’ll have to settle. With no hocus pocus or hidden fees in the background. In addition, we are known by our customers to be very straightforward in giving our opinions and offers. Sugar-coating was never a part of our expertise. As long as you comply with all the necessary requirements and provide all the details that we need then, we can come up with the plan for you, your business, and all the possible fees that this process might incur.

You will not be bonded by any contracts with us. Which means there’ll be no termination fees or sort. If you are blinded by some delectable offers that you’ve seen somewhere and you think that it is no longer working with us, then by all means you can decide whether or not you want to stop your services.

Services offered by Southwest Merchant Services

Southwest Merchant Services are not only limited to just providing you with the best payment solution for your business. We provide services from POS hardware support, POS software support, provide training, installation, and support, merchant card processing, PCI Compliance Support, and Assistance, and even high-risk card processing. Yes, that is right! We also provide payment solutions to high-risk businesses. If you want to learn more about high-risk merchant accounts and industries you can check this link.

Signing up with Southwest Merchant Services

Once you reached the initial setup then, we’d like to extend our warmest welcome to you. And of course, our deepest gratitude for choosing Southwest Merchant Services as your merchant service provider for your business. At this point, you might be worrying about setting up your equipment. Another good thing about choosing Southwest Merchant Services is we don’t just throw you a box of equipment and hoped that it would work the way you want them to. As your trusted merchant service provider, we’d be there for you every step of the way from setting up the equipment to conducting training for you and your employees.

We’ve been in the business for 10 years, which in this world is an eternity. We’ve helped a lot of businesses with their payment solutions and we look forward to helping you as well. Some business owners are afraid of switching because they worry that they might pay a huge amount to get another set of equipment from their old provider. But that has to stop. We are telling you, there are tons of options that you can choose from all you have to do is reach out to us. Book your appointment here and we’d be glad to answer all your questions by going to this link.

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Having just set up our account, I found the help and service exceptional. One often hears of the uncaring bank personal that hides behind voice mail and seldom returns calls, our experience was the opposite. Start to finish 4 days from when I talked with Andy to arrange credit card processing to everything from Southwest Merchant Services being set up. Very satisfied.

Shona Jones

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