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Frequently Asked Questionsfotex2022-03-28T05:37:56-07:00

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Frequently Asked Questions About Payment Processing

Before you choose a payment processor or make the switch to a new payment processing services provider, here are some frequently asked questions about payment processing to help you make the right choice for your business.

Why should I work with Southwest Merchant Services?fotex2022-03-28T05:32:27-07:00

With 9+ years of experience and the lowest rates available, we’re the best team to work with! We were built with a strong foundation of customer service and believe that our customer’s interaction is one of the most important aspects of the relationship. With us, you’ll get preferential treatment. You’re too important to wait. You have a business to run and we respect that! Let’s work together to make your business grow with the help of our merchant services.

Is credit card processing secure?fotex2022-03-28T05:31:04-07:00

Since there will always be some level of risk associated with the handling and transmitting of sensitive data, processing credit cards with a reputable payment processing company is vital! Data breaches are a major issue that can ruin a business’s reputation, which is why Southwest Merchant Services has taken every precaution possible, to ensure that you receive nothing but high quality service.

What are the advantages of accepting credit cards?fotex2022-03-28T05:24:55-07:00

Accepting credit cards helps in reducing the physical cash hold, making your book-keeping simpler and reducing the risk of a robbery. Also, studies show that people are more likely to spend more when using a credit card rather than cash! This is a big opportunity for growth!

What is POS?fotex2022-03-28T05:24:25-07:00

POS, short for point of sale, refers to the place where a customer executes the payment for a good or service where sales tax may be applicable. It can be in a physical store, where POS terminals and systems are used to process card payments, or a virtual sales point such as a laptop or smartphone.

Why should I accept payment cards and set up a merchant account?fotex2022-03-28T05:23:56-07:00

Many businesses are hesitant to accept payment cards and set up a merchant account because their competition hasn’t, but this can hurt business in the long run. Set yourself apart. Clients appreciate the ease, convenience, and affordability of using payment cards. By marketing additional services, such as online card processing that makes things faster and easier for your clients, you can outpace your competition.

Should I integrate my store’s physical store’s inventory with its online ordering system?fotex2022-03-28T05:23:21-07:00

Integrating your physical store’s inventory with its online ordering system is critical to running your business efficiently. In addition, businesses working through an eCommerce suite will need tools that allow them to successfully interface with clients. Southwest Merchant Services has the tools to make this happen.

Do you offer customer support?fotex2022-03-28T05:21:13-07:00

Yes! Our staff is standing by to address any questions you might have or any issues that arise so you will never have to experience long periods of downtime. We only invest in the highest quality merchant services, to ensure that you will have minimal frustration with our products: not only are our terminals, gateways, and points of sale easy to use, they are efficient and provide maximum security for your clients.

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