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A point-of-sale system—or POS—is the place where a customer makes a payment for a product or service at a business. Simply put, every time a customer makes a purchase, they’re completing a point-of-sale transaction. Having a POS system in your business is exceptionally beneficial. It will allow you to have better control of your entire business operations. With a POS system you’ll know exactly which products you’ve sold on a daily or monthly basis or how much money you’ve made. Besides making your business more efficient on the management side, it’ll increase your sales with customers as well! Convenience is important and the majority of people don’t walk around with cash anymore. Having a POS system integrated into your business will play a major role with its overall success. ​It’s possible to run a business without a POS system, but without many of the metrics a POS can provide, it’s nearly impossible to grow the business. After all, you can’t grow what you aren’t measuring. If your business is in growth mode, it’s time to upgrade your infrastructure.

POS Software Support

A POS system is an integral part of your business—and we know that better than anyone else! Business never sleeps, and so don’t we! Just because everyone else is asleep, that doesn’t mean your technical issues shouldn’t be tended to! We’re here to help you 24 hours a day—and that’s a promise!

At Southwest Merchant Services, we work to ensure that every one of our customers will be more than satisfied with our customer support. We support our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you don’t have to worry about downtime or any other issue that could damage your business.

We also work to ensure that you have the necessary data speed to handle our credit card processors. Our processors are incredibly reliable as well so you will not find yourself sitting around waiting for payments to go through when you have a lineup of customers that you need to serve. If you have any questions our round-the-clock help desk will be happy to answer those for you! For all of your POS software support, we’re here for you!

Standard Software Components

Below we describe some software components and their key features in your POS System.

Payment Processing: Accepting customer payments is the main focus of POS systems. Every sale transaction that is processed is done through payment processing. Payment types a POS system can take include:

  • Cash – Customers enter their credit card numbers ​into a payment link, website, or app when they are not physically in front of you.

  • Credit or Debit Card Payments through a Chip Reader or Magstripe

  • Contactless Paymentssuch as card payments just needing to tap, or to use a wallet with Apple Pay or Google Pay

  • Secure Online Payments

  • Card Not PresentCustomers enter their credit card numbers when they are not physically in front of you.

  • Inventory ManagementInventory management features will allow you to access inventory levels easily, as the software will update physical inventory with each sale.

  • Employee Management Team management software which enable employees to clock in/out, for you to see who is working, as well as to schedule and provide information on how they perform.

  • POS ReportsReporting features to show sales and profits to make informed business decisions.

  • Customer Relationship ManagementWith this software, you will see what and when customers bought items to create a more personal relationship, communication, and marketing plan. It can also give information to create a customer loyalty program, increasing customer retention.

  • Receipts Easily searchable transactions through your business’ entire transaction history. Having a digital or paper receipt will help in case of a need for a refund, discrepancy, or dispute.

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