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Southwest Merchant Services was founded on the principle of helping small businesses grow and thrive by offering the highest quality San Diego credit card processing available. We understand that small businesses that hope to establish an online presence or attract more customers to their storefronts will need to offer credit card processing as part of their merchant services, but this can often be a difficult and expensive setup. At Southwest Merchant Services we take the guesswork out of setting up these systems so it is that much easier for our clients.


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Southwest Merchant Services hopes to be the San Diego credit card processor with 100% customer satisfaction and retention. We know that businesses need our assistance, but might be tired of shopping, however we provide services that are affordable, comprehensive, and reliable for all of our clients and never stop working for them.

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Southwest Merchant Services was founded because we realized that there was an inadequate supply of merchant services with a conscience; merchant services that connected the nonprofit and for-profit worlds while providing outstanding customer service; merchant services that wouldn’t lock clients into unwieldy leases or interminable contracts. We hope to fill this gap to better address the needs of our future clients.

The consumer market is ever growing and changing. With the increase of electronic payment methods available in the market today, Southwest Merchant Services realizes that the days of writing checks or sending money orders are numbered.

While these methods still hang on, businesses that truly want to thrive need to be able to work with electronic payment processors. Whether businesses are just getting started with these payment plans or you are looking to renew and revitalize your credit card processing in San Diego, we will pair you with the tools you need.

  • POS Hardware Support

    A modern point of sale (POS) system is a combination of hardware and software that does more than just perform a transaction like a sale or return.

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  • POS Software Support

    A point-of-sale system—or POS—is the place where a customer makes a payment for a product or service at a business. Simply put, every time a customer makes a purchase, they’re completing a point-of-sale transaction.

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  • POS Training, Installation and Support

    Southwest Merchant Systems will provide you with complete installation, training, and support services to ensure you enjoy nothing but a flawlessly smooth experience.

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  • Merchant Card Processing

    At Southwest Merchant Services, we bring together the top payment processing providers along with the best rates to give you the ultimate credit card processing products and services here in San Diego!

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Get in Touch for a Free Quote

At Southwest Merchant Services, we bring together the top payment processing providers along with the best rates to give you the ultimate credit card processing products and services here in San Diego! With our merchant services, your credit card processing will be as easy as a swip, dip, or tap! Our payment processing services expedite card transactions. Our payment gateways securely transmit your customer’s data so that their money can be transferred to your account in just a matter of seconds! The end result is a customer who successfully makes a purchase without using cash or a check—and a business that successfully completes a sale!

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