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Are you in the Retail Industry? Then you’ll surely be needing merchant services! As the owner or manager of a retail store, you’ll notice electronic payments are the most common form of payment at your business. That’s why you’ll greatly benefit from choosing a quality retail merchant services provider that will save you time and money while increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

With Southwest Merchant Services, you’ll be able to provide your customers with the most reliable card processing services available! Give the customers the convenience they deserve, while also giving them a reason to come back and become a loyal client!

Retail Merchant Services Advantages:

Safe and reliable transactions improve customer service

Dedicated account manager for quick assistance

Fast approval – as quick as one business day

NFC payments including Apple Pay and Google Pay

Mobile payment solutions

Online reporting

Flexible point of sale options

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Retail businesses will be communicating with their customers face to face and across the internet and will need a point-of-sale solution that adequately serves both scenarios, while providing secure processing. Call us today to set up a demonstration and find out how your business can thrive and grow when provided with the right tools. Call (619) 251-8000 or fill out our contact form! If you would like a comparison built of your current processing rates and Southwest Merchant Services’ rates, please feel free to upload a monthly statement from your current processor as a document. Let’s take your business to the next level!

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Having just set up our account, I found the help and service exceptional. One often hears of the uncaring bank personal that hides behind voice mail and seldom returns calls, our experience was the opposite. Start to finish 4 days from when I talked with Andy to arrange credit card processing to everything from Southwest Merchant Services being set up. Very satisfied.

Shona Jones

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