High-Risk Card Processing (CBD)

What is a high-risk merchant account? Essentially, it means that your business or its customers and clients are labeled as riskier. This typically correlates with an increased risk of fraud or chargebacks that can be associated with the nature of the product or service, the price or legality of the product or service, and even the turnaround on delivery of the product or service (e.g., if a product is immediately delivered on payment versus a 6-month delay in delivery).

Reasons Why a Merchant May be Considered High Risk

Types of Business that are Considered High Risk

Businesses that usually fall into the category of high risk include the following:

  • Gambling

  • E-cigarette, CBD and vape shops

  • E-Commerce

  • Adult industry

  • Travel, including airlines, cruises and vacation planners

  • Furniture and electronic stores

  • Online dating

  • Debt collection

  • Subscription services

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