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Payment Processing for Retail Industry

Are you in the Retail Industry? Then you’ll definitely need a merchant account! As the owner or manager of a retail store, you’ll notice electronic payments are the most common form of payment at your business. That’s why you’ll greatly benefit from choosing a quality retail point of sale system that will save you time and money while increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Online Payment Made Easy

eCommerce Payment Solutions & Integrations

Southwest Merchant Services offers the best in ecommerce technologies. We provide online processing to almost all business types! Our services go further than that of any other company—we can assist you in implementing a complete e-commerce solution such as payment gateway integration, security, and PCI compliance. Our solutions support almost all major online shopping carts as well as most major payment gateways!

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Your Restaurant Business Needs a Great Payment Processor

Restaurants and Bars

All restaurant owners know how hectic it can be to run a restaurant. The very last thing you need is to worry about payment processing. Reliability and security are vital, so it’s a smart idea to work with a reliable merchant service that has vast experience in helping restaurants develop the best payment processing solutions available. At Southwest Merchant Services, that’s what we’re all about!

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focus on running your business

Payment Processing for Lodgings & Hotels

The payment processing for hotels isn’t as straightforward compared to other merchant accounts. Hotels need to implement special payment processing systems due to the way this type of business is operated. Client’s cars cannot be settled until the stay is over and the extra charges confirmed. For this reason, hotels and businesses in the hospitality industry need extended authorizations. Fortunately, our lodging merchant accounts give you the confidence of reliable payment processing integration that will enable you to focus on running your business to the best of your ability!

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Payment Processing for Veterinarians

Veterinary Merchant Services

At a veterinary clinic, your top priority is your furry patients! That is why our team will handle the payment processing of your clinic. We will get you up and running as soon as possible with the best merchant account for your practice. You focus on your thing, and we focus on ours! Let’s work together for a smoother veterinary experience for you and your patients!

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The Best Merchant Services for the Medical Field

Health & Medical

We understand that giving your patients the most pleasant experience is vital, which is why we want to help you provide all of you patients with the best experience possible with a smooth payment processing experience. We want you and your patients to focus on tasks more important than payment processing, so let’s work together to make this as efficient and simple as possible!

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higher quality service that your gym needs

Payment Processing for Fitness Centers

We know how gyms operate. You most likely need payment processing that integrates with your point-of-sale system. That’s where we, Southwest Merchant Services, come in! Whether you want to keep your current point of sale and just switch processing companies, or you want to start with a whole new setup, we’re here to make it happen!

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Payment processing solutions for cannabis industry professionals

Cannabis Industry Merchant Services

When you work in the cannabis industry, we understand that finding a compliant and legal way to accept payments can be difficult. When it comes to handling money, transactions, and banking, it is still vague, and there is a lack of understanding about what is legal and what is not within the industry. Because of these limitations, you will need a quality merchant services provider to help you receive money easily and legally to provide for your customers.

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Having just set up our account, I found the help and service exceptional. One often hears of the uncaring bank personal that hides behind voice mail and seldom returns calls, our experience was the opposite. Very satisfied.

Shona Jones


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Highly recommend Southwest Merchant Services to any business looking for merchant services. They offer competitive and fair prices alongside personable customer service. Just switched my merchant services and could not be happier.

Chris Johnson


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Needed a merchant service I can trust and Southwest Merchant Services gave us exactly what we needed. Great customer service and we are very happy with the service they provided. Highly recommend.👍🏻

Lisa Davis