Point of Sale

From Mexico to Santa Barbara, from Pacific Beach through Brawley and Arizona, Southwest Merchant Services is THE Preferred Lavu Specialist for Southern California.

POS Lavu is the first iPad-based point of sale solution and is at the head of the iOS-based point of sale pack.

Many competitors will advertise their decades of experience in merchant services and sales, which means one thing: time never worked in a service environment. Southwest Merchant Services credits client happiness to years of experience in the service industries, knowing how restaurant managers and servers think and, therefore, how to design their workflow and provide solutions.

With Southwest Merchant Services’ SINGLE TERMINAL PLACEMENT PROGRAM, you keep the hardware and software for your Lavu system for the life of your merchant account with Southwest Merchant Services. Equipment damaged by regular use will be replaced by Southwest Merchant Services at NO COST to the merchant.

What have you got to lose? Get the point of sale you want for today; find that you have the point of sale you’ll need for tomorrow.


POS for Every Business


Integrating your physical store’s inventory with its online ordering system is critical to running your business efficiently. In addition, businesses working through an eCommercesuite will need tools that allow them to successfully interface with clients. SouthWest Merchant Services has the tools to make this happen. In addition to offering secure card processing for a variety of shopping cart setups, we work to ensure that you get a comprehensive list of backup information about your purchase history, to ensure that there is no risk that something will wind up lost. Every transaction is backed up so you know exactly what sales have gone through; you can interact with your customers easily if they have questions about the sale.



Retail businesses will be communicating with their customers face to face and across the internet and will need a point of sale solution that adequately serves both scenarios,while providing secure processing. Call us today to set up a demonstration and find out how your business can thrive and grow when provided with the right tools.

Hospitality/Quick Service

Hospitality relies on fast and easy credit card processing to ensure customers get everything they need without having to wait. Being able to cater to your customers quickly and easily is essential to being ahead of your competition, and selecting a point of sale that expressly understands this need is absolutely essential to your overall success.

SouthWest Merchant Services works to ensure that every machine we offer our clients works quickly, with minimal fuss and maximum security so your customers can open and close their tabs and get moving.