A business in the hospitality field that is unable to accept credit card payments is unheard of, and you do not want to limit your ability to manage transactions with ease. SouthWest Merchant Services credit card processing makes it easier for you to interact with your customers without having to worry about fumbling with slow or ineffective equipment.

In addition to offering services that are efficient, we also work to ensure that all of our points of sale are secure so you will not have to put your reputation on the line when gathering personal information about your customers. Additionally, we will also help you keep track of all transactions and customer information.

Equipment for Any Situation

When you are serving customers you do not want to have to wait several minutes to get their payments processed. Give their card a swipe and get them back to business. A high quality San Diego credit card processor will ensure efficient service around the clock, leading to better customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Our points of sale can help with line-busting; if a large party walks through the door or you wind up with a long line due to a special you are running, your cashiers can plow through the line, open orders, and send tickets to your kitchen without the wait.