Guaranteed Savings & Low Rates

Guaranteed Savings

When you start your relationship with SouthWest Merchant Services, we start by going over what you pay in fees with your current processor and provide a breakdown of your rates where we compare, apples-to-apples, what you would be paying with SouthWest Merchant Services. Once you see the savings, signing up is as easy as three signed sheets, contracts are month-to-month, the savings will be immediate, the timing of your deposits improved, and the level of your customer service unparalleled.

Our first priority is to ensure high quality service to our clients.

Your ability to receive and process payments is the heart of your business. There are horror stories about businesses that lost sales because their credit card processing shut down for hours without warning, or that they were hacked and had data breaches, leading to lost client informationand fraudulent transactions.

These kinds of mistakes can ruin business’ reputations and cost a great deal of money to correct, which is why SouthWest Merchant Services has taken every precaution possible, to ensure that you receive nothing but high quality service.

Manage Credit Processing with Ease

Whether you are upgrading or using ecommerce tools for the very first time, we have everything you need to get you started.

Our staff is standing by to address any questions you might have or any issues that arise so you will never have to experience long periods of downtime. We only invest in the highest quality merchant services, to ensure that you will have minimal frustration with our products: not only are our terminals, gateways, and points of sale easy to use, they are efficient and provide maximum security for your clients.

We can confirm an order or manage any electronic issues quickly so you do not have to waste time waiting around for a payment to clear. We are happy to answer any questions you might have before you sign up or during a transaction, to make sure you have everything you need to keep your business up and running.